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Description of the Book:

The poems in this book are about trauma and healing, about loving someone so much that your heart can barely take it, about the stranger things that exist in this world, and some are about nothing at all. I wrote some out of love for what I do, some out of love for others, some out of needing to express myself, and some for the sake of writing one specific line I thought of in the shower and wanted to write a whole poem out of. All of them were written out of love.

19 Years and Counting

  • Author Name: Liam Logan
    About the Author: Liam Logan, at the time of writing, is 19 years old. He's a transgender queer person born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England, and studies English with Creative Writing at university. After a primary school lesson about poetry, he became inspired to write more poetry in his own time and, as years passed by, he started writing more and more until he eventually got to here, this book.
    Book ISBN: 9781005466152


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